About Us

Co-living is an asset class that is there for the taking.

Co-Living Group acquires and re-purposes spaces to create ideal co-living accommodation. This sector has a diverse client base that, unlike the apartment market, is grossly undersupplied and provides much higher returns per sq/ft compared to traditional rental properties.

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During the last decade, our team has gone through over five thousand tenants, hundreds of employees, and hundreds of landlords. In addition, we have become one of the top three players in the Co-Living/Flatshare industry in London.

Although we don’t originate from financial backgrounds like most of our competitors, we remain one of the earliest innovators in the developing co-living industry. Furthermore, we have perfected our technology over the past 6 years to create a platform that streamlines flat sharing operations and creates a seamless move-in and living process for our tenants.

The demand for it is there and most importantly the current offering is substandard. We are confident that we can deliver results for our investors as we are one of the few teams in the world that truly understands co-living. Having had the experience of managing thousands of flatshare tenants for over a decade, we believe we are in the perfect position to take our operation to the next level.

We are inviting investors and partners to join us in creating a global brand – with the sole purpose of providing functional and affordable co-living spaces to thousands of young professionals across the globe.

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