What We Do and How We Do It

Our system is a front-edge platform designed and built specifically to manage co-living

Tested by thousands of co-living tenants in hundreds of different properties, our system has been created and developed over the last 6 years to arrive at a product that is a comprehensive and easy-to-use digital management tool for co-living.
Unlike conventional property management software, which typically understands one property as one unit and has been designed for managing agents to liaise between landlords and tenants, our platform focuses on improving workflow and cross-functionality between all stakeholders and across all departments.
Property management, tenants, lettings, facilities, maintenance, cleaning and finance are all interlinked and controlled in one space.
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System Description

The system consists of a software connected with an iOS/Android mobile app which allows tenants, team members and contractors to access information and data. In addition, users are able to open tickets, rate services, enter/terminate/renew leases, pay rent, submit invoices, receive notifications on time and connect with different departments. This ensures a streamlined approach to information which in turn allows it to flow throughout the organization in an efficient manner.

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Property Management

Property managers can communicate with tenants and schedule contractors via the app, allowing all parties to access information and keep track of history, performance and client data.

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  • Dashboard with quick access to a detailed overview of portfolio performance.
  • Detailed overview of the list of properties and property information including compliance, utilities, suppliers, inventory and other data (EPC, SSC, leases, floor plans).
  • Vacancy management and lease renewals management.
  • Keys management.
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Client Management

Each tenant has a specific file that is not directly linked to a particular property. Instead, the system recognizes tenants as independent active customers which, for instance, allows managers to relocate tenants between different properties with one click. This is extremely advantageous as it means that managers do not have to terminate one contract to enter a new one.

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  • Software-run tenant move-in system.
  • Move-ins are effortlessly processed without paper documentation.
  • Customer relationship management capabilities.
  • The app enables an accessible interface between clients and customer service teams.
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Our platform allows internal and external letting teams to access all the information required to facilitate and streamline lettings services. Existing customer information is held in line with GDPR policy. Other benefits include:

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  • Accurate info provided for listings using photo & video content, floor-plans & 3D viewings.
  • Lettings management and workflows ranging from marketing to check-ins.
  • New tenants can see flatmates' picture and basic information such as first name, age and nationality through our system; this will make the rental experience much more personalized.
  • Calendar with upcoming vacancies, bookings and check-ins.
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Data and Financials

Storage of data including the payment history, tracking lease terms, deposits and rent collection allows management to keep track of KPIs.

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  • Records of revenue, vacancies and portfolio performance.
  • Safe contact database.
  • Compliant storage of essential customer information.
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Other System Capabilities


  • Employee records, contracts and agreements.
  • Records of laptops, phones, company bank cards assigned to each team member.

Vehicle Management

  • Vehicle records and data including parking and fines management.
  • Assign vehicles to drivers.
  • Insurance, MOT, Tax and other vehicle details.
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The App

Our iOS and Android mobile app offer tangible benefits for tenants:

  • Submit tickets and receive real-time notification updates on the status of the issue raised.
  • Make payments.
  • Terminate/renew lease.
  • Messaging system with customer service.
  • Request cleaning and/or maintenance.
  • Request a call from customer service.
  • Property management, cleaning and maintenance rating option.