Co-Living Vs Flat sharing

Generally speaking, a co-living space is a space rented by a number of people who have their own contract and living space, but who share other elements of their living spaces. Co-living spaces usually entail a private bedroom and bathroom, with communal eating and living spaces which are shared by others living under the same roof.

On the other hand, a flat-share will entail a number of people sharing a traditional family style house or apartment that has not necessarily been designed to be shared in the same way as a co-living space or a house of multiple occupancy (HMO). Usually, flat shares will be entirely communal bar a bedroom.

Co-living in the UK and around the world is a new trend in housing and accommodation that is becoming much more popular, particularly amongst young professionals and especially for those living in big cities.

But how are co-living and flat sharing different? And which, if any is better and why?


What Are the Advantages of Co-Living?

One of the big advantages of co-living is the affordability aspect. Compared with renting a flat by yourself or even with another person when it comes to a city centre, co-living will usually be significantly cheaper. Flat sharing can also be an affordable option for those wanting to live in a city. However, the price you pay will depend on the quality and area of the property you’re hoping to move to.

Generally speaking, these two options come out much cheaper than the option of living alone in any circumstance.

Co-Living Communities

Another upside to co-living is the pre-built and purpose-built community you can benefit from and become a true part of. Moving to a new city can be very daunting and the idea of having company and a potential group of friends can be very appealing and beneficial.

Although you don’t get to choose who you will be living with, this can in fact be an upside. Co-living can be a great way to meet a wide range of new people you may not have met otherwise. However, if you already have a pre-built group of friends and you are certain you want to live together, a flat-share could be the way to go. Bear in mind that you will therefore have to negotiate your own access to facilities like gyms and bars in a way you would not need to in a co-living environment.

Finding a flat-share contract with a group of friends means that you will know exactly what you are getting, no surprises when it comes to housemates, but you will need to be careful not to fall out with those you choose to live with.

Co-Living is Cheaper Than Other Living Options

Co-living spaces come fully furnished and with comfortable living spaces which means another expense you can forget about when moving in. This makes the move in process cheap and relatively stress-free. Because co-living is a modern concept and co-living spaces need to be built or remodelled specifically for their purpose, space is often modern and well furnished. Landlords will typically try to attract young professionals, which means the standard of finishing is usually very high.

In comparison, opting for a flat share can result in a wide range of standards and provisions; anywhere from fully furnished and brand new to falling apart and unacceptable. Whether or not your flat share comes furnished will depend on the property and what you negotiate with your landlord; some will come furnished and others will not. If you are looking at an unfurnished flat share it’s worth considering how much it will cost to furnish your flat and who’s going to pay that.

Privacy and Comfort in Co-Living

With a co-living space, you will have a clearly demarcated private space. Unlike a traditional house share, co-living has the advantage of clearly defined private spaces. Your room is your own and having a private bathroom means you will never be late to work because you were queueing outside the bathroom as you may find yourself doing in a house or flat share.

One of the potential downsides of a flat share will likely be that it is not designed for a group of individuals to live in together at the same time. You may find yourself waiting to do your laundry or queuing to take a shower. Generally speaking though, co-living spaces are well designed to cater for the number of individuals they are housing with the right number of amenities to accommodate them.