How Does UK Co-Living Compare to Other Countries?

Co-living is a housing trend sweeping the world. It comes as an answer to an epidemic of loneliness and rising house prices; people want to live in major cities, in well maintained facilities without having to pay an arm and a leg.

Co-living offers a countless range of advantages to those who choose it, including the flexibility to move all over the world when part of a membership of a co-living group.

Co-living spaces are becoming more and more common all over the world. Moreover, with flexible contracts, co-living means you can travel the world, work in different countries and not break the bank, all while being able to network with like-minded young professionals and broaden your horizons.

Excitingly, you will find that a co-living facility will likely be filled with like-minded people who are new to the city or haven’t already laid their roots. This means that no matter where you end up in the world you could be moving in with potentially lifelong friends.


Co-Living Around the World

So how does co-living compare in different parts of the world and what can you expect from some of the major co-living capitals of the world compared with London?

From New York to London, Lisbon to Bangkok and further afield, co-living provides opportunities in many locations around the world.

In reality you would need to live and experience it to know the answer to whether or not co-living is definitely for you. Life in each of these global cities and countries will be rich and unique, too individual to explain in an article. Co-living is very much what you make it, however, we can give you some of the basic differences you might like to know before you start your co-living adventure.

What is Co-Living Like in London?

The United Kingdom has a large and well-established co-living scene, with a lot of the opportunities centred around the large cities and London. Co-living in the UK is rapidly spreading to other major cities across the country and showing no signs of slowing.

London is truly a magical city to live in and for those who enjoy fashion, art galleries, beautiful parks and bustling pace of life there are few better places in the world. There is always a new area to explore and something to do or see. Co-living spaces in London tend to be very good value in comparison with neighbouring house prices.

Not to mention that such a well-established co-living scene means you will always have plenty to choose from. Whether you are looking for a work focused space to bond and create with other entrepreneurs or a more relaxed and social space to give you the time you need to explore the city, London has it all.

With this in mind, prices can be anywhere from £200 a month and go up to £2,000, depending on what you are looking for and where you want to live.

Co-Living in New York

New York feels to many like the birthplace of co-living and as you might expect, has a well-established co-living scene. In the city that never sleeps, co-living spaces are furnished to an incredibly high standard and come at a price point to suit any budget.

Co-living in New York and co-working spaces in the city often come hand in hand, with many companies looking to take advantage of included co-working spaces, to keep from spending money on expensive office spaces in the big city.

Living in New York is a dream for many, but frankly an expensive and seemingly unattainable dream for many. Co-living is offering a solution to that problem, with (comparatively) affordable housing options. Monthly rates will set you back about $2,000 or roughly £700, although prices will vary depending on the quality and location of the space you choose.

Co-Living in Paris

Although the UK and America have quickly embraced the idea of co-living as a way to house digital nomads and young entrepreneurs, much of Europe has been slow to adapt. Paris is no exception.

Living in Paris is a lifelong dream for many, with a vibrant arts scene, coffee shop culture and historically beautiful city. If you are considering moving to Europe, Paris could be a fantastic option. More and more co-living spaces are opening up and offering affordable, high quality living spaces.

The facilities that are currently available offer good locations and well-designed spaces, with amenities such as high-speed internet, weekly cleaning services and laundry facilities.  In Paris, rooms range from around €1200 to €2000 – roughly equivalent to £1,000 to £1,700.