Is Co-Living Right For You?

There are countless advantages to co-living in the UK; the rent, the lifestyle, the quality of the facilities, the central location of your trendy home and more besides, but co-living is not always right for everyone.

Choosing to live anywhere can be a life-changing decision and one that should always be carefully considered. Co-living can be a big adjustment for many people and it is important that no matter what, you have considered whether it is right for you or not.


Innovative Co-Living

Co-living is becoming more and more popular because of its many advantages. For renters, it offers flexibility, low rent in big cities and the perfect balance of privacy and community. But you will also need to consider how you feel about shared communal spaces like kitchens.

Although facilities are usually top notch, you will still be living with a group of people not specifically chosen by you, which can be challenging for some people. Although, that said, people who move into co-living spaces tend to scope out the living arrangements and other tenants and residents before moving in. it is very common for people with similar professions and interests to end up living in a single co-living space in the UK

However, for those who are looking to save more of their income, or who love meeting new people, or are looking for an affordable and flexible way to explore a new city, co-living is the answer.

What Type of People Should Consider Co-Living?

There is no specific ‘type’ of person who is perfect for co-living, with the true beauty of co-living being the diversity of people who make up a ‘co-living family.’

Often, co-living facilities are filled with people who are ready to make new friends and be a part of a community. A lot of co-living residents are new to a city and sometimes even new to the country in question, particularly in the case of the UK, where workers from all around the world come to London and the UK for professional and employment opportunities.

This means you can end up leaving your time in co-living with a host of friends from all over the world. With this said, co-living can also be a good option for the more introverted amongst us. Co-living opportunities offer private space as well at structured social events and spaces to meet new people. The reality is co-living can suit anyone willing to live in a shared space.

Where Is Co-Living an Option?

Co-living tends to be an option in most major and modern cities around the world. Co-living is very popular in cities like London and New York, but it is also an option in most other major global cities (read more about co-living around the world here).

You will need to do some research for your specific city, but more often than not you will find a co-living option. However, if you’re looking to explore very remote areas you may need to look for a different housing option as co-living tends to cater to highly populated areas.

Can I Afford Co-Living?

There are co-living options for all kinds of budgets, which means co-living can work for anyone who is working, no matter their pay scale. Co-living also offers amazingly cheap rent for the cities the facilities are based in.

Co-living has become so popular because of the chances it gives for young adults and those without large amounts of savings in big cities with big possibilities. It tends to be one of the most affordable options for people choosing to live in a big city.

How Flexible Is Co-Living?

Depending on the facility you choose there can be a huge range of flexibility in co-living; everything from year long contracts down to several night contracts. It can be perfect for those looking to settle and find a community and those who just need a stop off before a more permanent option.

What If I’m Not Sure About Co-Living?

For anyone considering co-living who is just not feeling 100% certain, we would suggest giving it a go. Many people can feel anxious or nervous about moving into a new living situation and that is completely normal.

Co-living offers a perfect balance of privacy and community and can be a great way of meeting a new family in a big city.  Remember, if you’re still not sure you can always opt for a more flexible contract, try out for a month and see what you think, if you jump in with both feet, we think you’ll love it.