How The Way We Work is Changing Post-Covid

Much of our lives have been changed over the last couple of years, covid has left a big impact on our world, our society and our lives. All of us have felt some change in our lives recently, whether it is teaching our children from home, working from home and working from co-living spaces and co-working spaces, video calling with friends or even as big as losing a job.

Now that restrictions are starting to lift in the UK and around the world, with some elements of life returning to normal, how has our work been changed? What does work look like in a post-covid society?


How Has Work Changed Post-Covid?

There are countless ways in which both the way as well as the locations in which we work have been changing, with covid accelerating and further changing many aspects of work in our lives.

Working From Home More Than Ever

Many more of us have transitioned to working from home on a part-time or fulltime basis. When staff began to work from home many businesses feared a huge negative impact on their business. However, many companies have found staff are more focused, more productive and happier.

Now, where it is possible to work from home many employees are receiving the chance to make their work ‘work’ for them. Working from home means more time with family for many, cutting out the daily commute and having a quiet space in which to focus and work. It looks like working from home is here to stay.

People Choosing Co-Living More Than Ever

As the world begins to open back up people are starting to move and begin new work. Many of those people are choosing co-living options and for good reason.

Co-living allows young professionals to live in big cities with a relatively low rent. Because co-living offers a private bedroom but communal living space it gives the perfect balance of private and social time, allowing you the space you need to relax and offering a pre-built community of like-minded individuals.

Many young professionals moving to the city for the first time choose co-living because the properties are generally newly developed and of a high standard. Not to mention that many co-living spaces offer amazing amenities like pools, laundry facilities, gyms, working spaces and much more.

The Rise of Video Calling

Another pandemic favourite that we just cannot stand to give up is video calling. For anyone working with a team, video calling allows unparalleled ease and convenience. Video calling has become a staple for businesses in every field.

Not only does video calling open your business up to opportunities all over the world, it can also allow those working from home to attend meetings hassle-free. There is also the advantage of no longer having to travel anywhere to take your meetings, saving you time, money and energy, which can now be used more wisely. Not to mention that you can do this all for free.

Full Time Side Hustles

For many of us the pandemic has not brought work joy. Many lost their jobs during the spread of covid, but even this has had some unexpected upsides.

Many people have been able to use their misfortune to their advantage, taking the time and energy that they had during lockdown to start new companies and ventures, turning side hustles or passion projects into fully fledged business ventures. These little lockdown projects are now taking off, attracting customers and paying the bills of those who had the trust and patience to pursue them.