Why Is Co-Living Becoming So Popular?

In the UK and around the world, more and more people are choosing to live in co-living spaces, mainly in and around busy urban and city centres and with good reason.

There are countless advantages to co-living space, no matter who and where you are or what you’re looking for. Something of an enigma in recent years, co-living spaces have been springing up around the UK and in high streets and city centres across Europe and the wider world. With more disused and empty retail and commercial spaces, co-living spaces provide a very logical use for prime real estate.


How Does UK Co-Living Work?

For those working and living in an urban area or big city, rent can often take up a huge chunk of your income, leaving very little left to enjoy the city around you. With co-living this doesn’t need to be the case.

Co-living is a truly modern form of communal living, which involves renting a private room and en-suite while benefiting from a communal kitchen and living area plus a whole host of utilities. Rent is significantly lower than renting a private apartment and often utilities will be included in the rent.

Co-living can be a perfect option for those moving to a new city, particularly young people and those starting out in professional careers, as the communal spaces on offer make for a pre-built community, making city loneliness a thing of the past.

Why Are So Many People Choosing Co-Living?

Although certainly not limited to young people or any particular demographic, co-living spaces do for logical reasons have increased appeal amongst younger age groups and young professionals, making for an increasingly popular living option.

Co-Living in a Big City

Co-living spaces are typically found in big cities, like London, Lisbon, New York and others. For many of us, living in a big city is a dream and can offer us great opportunities. Co-living means making city living affordable for regular people, it offers incredible facilities and high standard rooms for a fraction of the cost of renting in a big city.

Great Facilities

Most co-living spaces are purpose built, or newly renovated, specifically designed and structured to function as dedicated co-living spaces. This means that rooms and facilities are of a very high standard and are purpose built.

Many co-living spaces will offer large shared kitchens, laundry facilities, working spaces, gyms, entertaining spaces, even pools. All these facilities are included in your monthly rent and can offer you an incredibly high standard of living for a very reasonable rate.

Community Life

Opting to live in a co-living space means you will be moving into a prebuilt community of like-minded people. Because co-living means sharing communal areas with your housemates you will be surrounded by potential friends.

Moving to a big city can feel very daunting and if you don’t have a group of friends already in your city it can feel isolating. Co-living offers a great solution to this problem, giving you the perfect blend of private space and communal space and allowing you to socialise whenever you please.

Mental Wellbeing

Isolation and loneliness have become a national epidemic across the globe. It has even been suggested that adults under 24 are currently the loneliest age group. With so many of us feeling lonely, co-living could be a solution to the end of this problem.

Many co-living spaces have organised community events on a regular basis, allowing their residence to socialise and relax without the pressure of organising an event. The beauty of co-living is that there’s always somebody about to talk to, but no pressure to socialise as you have your own private space.

Affordability of Co-Living

Living in big cities is almost always very expensive. In comparison to living alone, co-living spaces offer a much cheaper alternative and provides the best of both living on your own and living with like-minded people. As well as being significantly cheaper than many of the other options on the market, co-living spaces tend to be maintained to very high standards.

With co-living being cheaper than most of the equivalent alternatives, residents are able to use the income saved on rent and accommodation for whatever they please. Perhaps to explore a new city or save and invest in your future.

Either way, co-living means less money on rent and more money spent on what matters to those under the same roof.

Co-Living Can Be a Great Option for Everyone

Although co-living has a reputation for attracting young business savvy individuals, it’s also appealing to a wide range of demographics. For those who are moving to a new country, opting for co-living can be a great way to go.

Co-living means you have a community of soon to be friends surrounding you from the moment you move in.  For digital nomads too, the flexibility of co-living makes it the perfect option. Living in one co-living space for a few months and then moving to a new city filled with new people to meet.